Insurance Clients - Things to do after your phone consult

  1. After our initial phone consult please send me an email : or text message : (646)379-5163 with a clear picture of the front and back of your Drivers License and your insurance card you will be using for our services. (We need this information to verify if your insurance will cover our services, and to keep this information in our files).

  2. Please also text me your email address so I can send you all the necessary forms and information before our first session. 

  3. You will be signing the HIPAA form, Informed consent form, and Financial Agreement Form at the first session. You will receive a copy of these forms upon request otherwise they will be kept in your file for records.  

Thank you for helping us expedite the process which will leave us with more time to get to kno w each other during the intake session. *For Couples Counseling each adult must fill out the Adult Psychotherapy Form and submit it prior to the 1st session. 

Insurance Clients - Things to do before your first appointment 

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully by calling your insurance company and asking the following questions immediately after our first phone consult :

(Call me back after to speak with your insurance company so we can determine your fees)

  • Does my insurance cover Out of Network mental health services CPT code 90791 and 90837?

  • What is my deductible and has it been met for the year?

  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?

  • What % is my coinsurance responsibility and how much % does the insurance cover after the deductible has been met?

  • Do I need any prior authorization?

  • What is your electronic payor ID and address for the claims?

Please submit Insurance Information - Form* after you obtain answers to the questions listed above from your insurance company. (*Download the forms and send them to me over email: Depending on your insurance company, also "authorize" me and put me on your file to speak to them so I can call them for further information if needed to avoid any delays. Call me back after you speak with your insurance so we can determine your fees. 


Accepted Insurance Plans :

I do not participate in any insurance panels but out-of-network benefits will cover my services - 

(*Insurance coverage depends on your plan and deductible, please check will your insurance prior to 1st appointment by asking the questions listed above)

  • Aetna (In network)

  • Cigna (In network)

  • Humana

  • Anthem Blue Cross 

  • Blue Shield of California

  • Other Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

  • United Healthcare

  • Tricare

  • Others (We can discuss more over the phone - Call now for a FREE phone consult)


Self-pay Fees Schedule

Session (Hour)




Extensive 2-3 hours






Determined on individual basis

To be determined on individual basis

Evaluations &



Fees & Insurance

Accepting a Wide Range of Plans

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